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I Know Alyssa Jones has some beautiful photos with from the Polk Street Blues Fest this weekend. From the fair ride attendant who was taking a mid-day snooze to the ponies only for riders 70 lbs. and under, her highlights offer a fun perspective on a festival that was more or less just like the rest of San Francisco’s neighborhood fairs. Check them out.


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Blogger 40 Going on 28 decided to compare San Francisco neighborhoods to Impressionist painters and/or highly-salted snacks. While the Upper Haight, he proposes, is akin to Cool Ranch Doritos, he nominates Russian Hill a sibling of Monet and Rold Gold Classic Style Rods. Timeless, straight, narrow, glossy, overtly salty, and trans fat-free, the pretzels are a snack that few can make a fuss about.

Do you agree that Russian Hill is the Rold Gold of SF?

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I’ve never eaten at the Afghan restaurant Helmand Palace (Van Ness between Union and Green), mostly because it just looks like a hole-in-the-wall and secondly because I don’t know much about Afghan cuisine. But, Michael of the S.O.F.A.T. blog (Stories of Food and Travel) dined there recently, and reading about his experience has convinced me to try it.
Here’s how he describes the qabalee: “A mound of rice that, once uncovered, exposes juicy, moist and tender chunks of lamb. The carrots and raisins complement the rice and lamb with another dose of sweet, moist flavor. This was surprisingly more addicting that the aushak and bowlawni.” Yum! Looks good! Sounds good! Feels good?

Have you tried Helmand Palace? What was your experience?

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My friends at TenderBlog will be hosting a cocktail “party in my loin” at Edinburgh Castle August 18. The day also happens to be the one year anniversary of Polk Sheet, so it’ll be a special day indeed. Stay tuned for an anniversary bash invite from Yours Truly.

Here are all the deets, straight from the horse’s mouth:

What? An exquisite night of celebration in the Tenderloin amongst friends and just a few of your best enemies, to drink and share stories. Open-mic competition with awards & a very special Tenderloin cocktail!
When? August 18, 2010 8:00PM
Where? Edinburgh Castle 950 Geary St., San Francisco
Why? Because we’re a neighborhood that likes to rock the party
Dress code? Clothed preferably
Conditions? There’s no cover charge, you just have to pay for your own drinks. You can RSVP on Facebook so The Edinburgh Castle has an idea of how many Loiners are showing up.
If you want to perform or want to promote your Tenderloin business/art/music/etc during this TenderNight, contact thetenderblog@gmail.com

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The Toasted Blog spotted Clint Eastwood’s latest film, Hereafter, being filmed over near Taylor and Clay.

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First of all, I apologize for being MIA lately . . . I’ve been traveling and busy with moving to a new apartment — sadly, I moved two blocks further from my beloved stretch of Polk Street.

Moving on, I just discovered a wonderful new site called The Bold Italic that I wanted to share. The site publishes essays about local San Francisco discoveries that are downright wonderful; I haven’t yet found a contributor I don’t admire. Antonia Richmond’s story, The Cheese Stands Alone, about her efforts to transform from cheese enthusiast to cheesemaker was right up my alley — and will be yours, too, if you live in Russian Hill.

Antonia consulted local cheese shop Cheese Plus (2001 Polk at Pacific) for advice when she began her quest to become a fromage createur. Here’s an excerpt:

I spent a few hours observing from behind the counter, and watched as they solved a multitude of dairy dilemmas, from what to eat with specific wines to what cheese is best in fondue to what cheese would be good atop sliders.

Lucky me – I was generously fed samples of a variety of different cheeses, the most memorable being a goat raclette (served both heated and unheated, to get a feel for the difference in texture). As I wolfed it down, a pair of Japanese tourists approached me. “Excuse me,” they said. “Where is stinky?” I started to tell them that I don’t work there, but, to my surprise, I realized that I could actually help them. “At the end of the counter, to your left – that’s where you’ll find stinky.”

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For who knows how long, the block Filbert Street between Leavenworth and Hyde has been heralded as one of the city’s two steepest streets, tied with 22nd between Church and Vicksburg at a 31.5% grade. filbert

Teetering over the edge of hill, looking out at Coit Tower, most would not venture to dispute this claim. But blogger Weather Sealed hopped in his coach and took San Francisco’s steep hills for a test drive. In conclusion, he found that preeminent block of Filbert to have the fourth steepest grade, with Prentiss between Chapman and Powhattan taking the cake at a 37% grade. “Thank you so much for this opportunity,” said Filbert, with an air kiss.

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