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Cruising up Polk Street next to that weird Bird School of Music which I’ve never once seen open, I noticed a fresh-looking sign for marinelayer.com. Marine Layer is a San Francisco-based t-shirt company with an awesome logo, and some pretty sweet-looking shirts for dudes. I learned about it in quite possibly the most embarrassing place. To cut to the chase, I think that Golden Gate Bridge hammock thing is rad, and I’m psyched to learn the company has set up office in Russian Hill.


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The last time I rode my bike in the city I was cruising down a harmless, empty, flat street (I know, hard to find) when all of a sudden, squeaky breaks ensued and I literally flipped over the handle bars, landing with my foot practically caught between the wheel spokes. That day was last November. It was not something you could brush off and move on from. Though no one was around to see it, I still bear the embarrassment of that moment. My breaks have yet to be fixed.bikely

But when I do get back in the saddle again (oh I will), I know where I’m going. (more…)

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