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WordPress’s blog statistics dashboard has a feature called Search Engine Terms that shows you the keywords people are using to find your blog. The ones that generally show up on my dashboard are much to be expected. Common terms are things like “Russian Hill,” “Bullitt,” and “Nick’s Crispy Taco Tuesday,” that are directly related to posts I’ve written — about the neighborhood or local businesses. So this morning I opened up the dashboard and was greeted with this fine image. I couldn’t resist sharing it. If you’re trying to learn “how to pick up hookers in San Francisco,” apparently Polk Sheet is a must read.

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In anticipation of Valentine’s Day, Leah Garchik of the Chronicle compiled a fun collection of “Overheard in SF” statements related to love, dating, and, uh . . . sleeping around. Here’s one that was heard on Polk:

He’s not my boyfriend. He was just a one-night stand for the three past nights. — (Woman on her way to dinner on Polk Street)

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For who knows how long, the block Filbert Street between Leavenworth and Hyde has been heralded as one of the city’s two steepest streets, tied with 22nd between Church and Vicksburg at a 31.5% grade. filbert

Teetering over the edge of hill, looking out at Coit Tower, most would not venture to dispute this claim. But blogger Weather Sealed hopped in his coach and took San Francisco’s steep hills for a test drive. In conclusion, he found that preeminent block of Filbert to have the fourth steepest grade, with Prentiss between Chapman and Powhattan taking the cake at a 37% grade. “Thank you so much for this opportunity,” said Filbert, with an air kiss.

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It bugs me how the weak economy has become the go-to explanation for declining sales (and increasing appetites) of every kind. Think outside of the bank, dude.yoyThat said, let’s look at these year over year statistics for the sales of single family homes in San Francisco. District 8 includes the North Waterfront, Russian Hill, North Beach, Telegraph Hill, Nob Hill, the Financial District, Downtown, Civic Center, and the T.L. Compared to nine other districts, which had anywhere from two to 54 sales this September, District 8 is the only one that saw literally zero sales — a figure which has been declining since ’04. Obviously (obvi), no one wants to leave these fabulous neighborhoods: their proximity to Polk Street is just too valuable to give up! Am I right or am I right?

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Alice Marble Tennis Court

Local blogger Flaneur + City recently wrote a cute, heartfelt ode to the neighborhood, “Reasons I Love Russian Hill.” Here’s an excerpt:

The chinese lady hurrying along with a pink plastic bag of steamed buns, the overly preened sartorialist with a handlebar mustache, the wizened old man meeting up with his buddies for the WSJ & daily coffee, the 7th year grad students with their noses burried in coffee-stained notes, the shopkeeper gazing out at the doorway waving hello to the regulars.

Read the rest here. What makes you heart Russian Hill?

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DSCN4262The colors of cantaloupe, peach, and plum, the sky was beautiful tonight in San Francisco. The blinds to my neighbor’s windows were open and the apartment was empty; he has been evicted. Ahh, city life.

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The last time I rode my bike in the city I was cruising down a harmless, empty, flat street (I know, hard to find) when all of a sudden, squeaky breaks ensued and I literally flipped over the handle bars, landing with my foot practically caught between the wheel spokes. That day was last November. It was not something you could brush off and move on from. Though no one was around to see it, I still bear the embarrassment of that moment. My breaks have yet to be fixed.bikely

But when I do get back in the saddle again (oh I will), I know where I’m going. (more…)

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