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Stationary Scaffold on Polk and GreenThe scaffolding on the apartment building at Polk and Green has got to go.  It is simply unsightly. I hate to pick favorites (not!), but I must admit it sits on my favorite block of Polk (between Green and Union). This ominous black sheath might pass for Halloween, but if it remains stationary for long, the block will be demoted. That would sting. From the looks of it, the building is being painted; it used to be beige, and now it is blue (see that? deduction!). I get that. Everyone needs a little nipping and tucking now and then. But the Polk folk are waiting: make haste.

On a side note, je t’aime La Boulange, but neon green paint!? C’est vraiment nécessaire?


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Van Ness is balding. In the last year or two, two gas stations on the west side of the avenue, a Chevron on Union and 76 on Filbert, have both closed. What’s left are two bare, fenced-off lots just asking for trouble. There’s also a lot on the North East corner of Van Ness and Filbert which has been empty for years too, but at least it moonlights as a Christmas tree lot every December._Device Memory_home_user_pictures_IMG00128

Anyway, the oil tanks at the former 76 station lot on Filbert were drawn out a month or so ago, leaving a giant, dangerous pit straight out of Parks & Recreation. But I am happy to report that progress is undergo: I saw four titanic trucks hauling tons of dirt to Van Ness and Filbert this morning. No word on what new structure is going up there. Let’s just hope it’s not a liquor store; I’m in enough trouble with my vices already.

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thehillsThe SF Department of Public Works has finally repaired a treacherously chipped set of concrete stairs (see a before photo here) and a wall on Broadway St. at Taylor. I would say, “It’s about time,” but on second thought, it’s a luxury that our city’s steep hills even have stairs. You know . . . in like other parts of the world people have to roll down the hills.

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