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The Alhambra Theater, as you may have noticed, is my favorite building in Russian Hill. But funny thing . . . Julie over at Caliber calls the former hotel Alhambra her favorite building in the Tenderloin. I guess there’s something about palatial Moorish architecture that’s hard to resist.


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Why Crunch?

A lot of Russian Hill locals join the Polk Street Crunch for proximity’s sake. Others wouldn’t mind a longer trip to another gym, but prefer its location on the oh-so-wonderful Polk Street. Others are too elite for the plebeian 24/Hour Fitness, whilst too po’ for the swank SF Bay Club. And perhaps some of you, like Yours Truly, don’t work out. Gasp! But, mind you, if I did want to lace up and take my too-crisp running shoes for a spin on the ole Precor, I’d head to the Polk Street Crunch for one reason and one reason only: the Alhambra Theater. It’s just too pretty for words, and I’m in awe of it each time I pass. (more…)

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363406_1The home that belonged to Arnold Schwarzenegger’s pregnant character in the 1994 male gestation flick Junior, a.k.a. 2552 Hyde St., has been reduced from $1.9 million to $1.7 million. But no matter how you do the math, you’ll never meet the offspring of the govnah’s uterus.

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