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A new coffee shop, called The Brew, opened today in the former florist’s shop space at 2436 Polk St., between Union and Filbert. The menu is pretty straightforward with the usual cappuccinos, espresso, etc., and the decor is simple; there’s really no angle that sets this place apart. But nevertheless it’s a nice, quiet place to relax and they serve great coffee; I ordered a latte, which I enjoyed. There are several places to sit, including window stools overlooking the sidewalk and comfortable leather chairs. There are even some toys and a play area in the back for kids.

It’s exciting to see a new business open on Polk, especially on that side of Union, which is less commercial. There is no shortage of coffee shops on Polk, but this one in particular seems ideal for those who want to avoid the bustle of Starbuck’s and Peet’s or want more square footage than Royal Ground affords you.


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Cafe Golo has applied to have two outdoor tables on the sidewalk. Yay!? I love this place. The food is great and affordable, and the service is fantastic. But Lombard isn’t exactly the most picturesque place to dine. It would be better if Golo actually told people they have an outdoor patio – do you know they do?

All that said, San Francisco needs more outdoor and sidewalk dining spots . . . and less wind!

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I liked this edgy store but it was trop cher pour moi. Quel domage.

What’s going in next? Anyone?

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and Chinese grandpas with dead ducks. Only on the 30.

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Hey y’all! I’m trying something different here on Polk Sheet and giving a guest blogger a shot. Welcome Russian Hill local Natalia W. and her keen eye for the curb:

While walking down Sacramento the other day, my boyfriend’s sharp eye caught this doozy at the corner of Hyde. Somebody may have had too many cocktails before coming to work. Who edits these things? As my friend Matt suggests, please send all strongly-worded (and correctly-spelled) letters to City Hall at 1 Dr. Carlton B. Goodlett Place.

Anyone seen any other street-spelling faux pas in the neighborhood?

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