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Thanks to one of my tweeps for passing this along. Mike “The Situation” of the infamous Jersey Shore will be signing bottles of Devotion Vodka this Saturday from 5:30pm – 7:30pm at the Jug Shop in Russian Hill. It’s not April Fools’ Day so I think The Jug Shop (1590 Pacific Avenue at Polk) must be trying to spook the sh*t out of us. I might also add that Devotion Vodka’s director of West Coast sales, Johnny “Love” Metheny, lived just over the hill on Franklin Street near Lombard and has been spotted handing out Devotion wristbands to recent grads at Silver Clouds on Saturday nights. Now that’s devotion.

Speaking of New Jersey, I interviewed Jonathan Adler this week and the best quote to come out of it was: “[New Jersey] is a great place to be from because it gave me somewhere to want to crawl my way out of.” I myself am actually from New Jersey, so I am allowed to laugh at this . . . you West Coast people will get a whipping if you do.


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