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This comes to you courtesy of Amy Sherman of Cooking with Amy:

I saw this on Polk St yesterday and it cracked me up. It was at Holiday Cleaners on Polk between Washington and Jackson. Who waits till March to get their Santa suit cleaned???

Well Amy, my guess is that these Santacon drunkards might not all have their sh*t — or their laundry — together. I love that the Santa wig is being dry cleaned too : )


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According to Crime Blotter, around 1 a.m. Thursday morning, “Two men were reportedly fighting on the 2200 block of Polk [at Vallejo], and one hit the other with a baseball bat. The guy who got hit is not suffering life threatening injuries, and no one’s been arrested.” Did anyone see this or hear about it? My guess is some green-shirted dudes spilled onto the streets from Bullitt, Green’s, or the Bucc after a few too many shots of Jameson’s and car bombs.

P.S. How does someone just happen to have a baseball bat with him at 1 in the morning?

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Cheese, Please!

$10 for $20 worth of cheeeeeeez (or anything else) at Cheese Plus (2001 Polk at Pacific). Snag this deal before it vanishes like a piece of St. André on a plate in front of me. They have awesome sandwiches, too.

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On the loose in LA. Watch it!

Photo courtesy of my dear friend Dustin.

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Skate ramp?

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I stumbled on this cute little video from an SF local “reporting” on a few haunts in Russian Hill. Heads up for Hive, Za, Bacchus, Sushi Groove, Nook . . . and that creepy pedophile teepee on Hyde. It’s fun! Check it out.

“Tod’s There” also tours Polk, to see the video, (more…)

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If you’re willing to venture to lower Polk tomorrow night, the fifth annual Three Thirty Three Under the Tree festival will be livening up Kimo’s (1351 Polk) with eight local bands, including 333, Room For A Ghost, Entropy Density, Cuban Cigar Crisis, Old And Gray, Burnt Thumbs, Megan Romero, and Tell The Truth. The show kicks off at 7 p.m. and will run to at least midnight.

My friend Chas plays in the group Cuban Cigar Crisis, and they’re actually really rad, and I assume they’re in good company. So here’s a tune from CCC for as a little evening palate cleanser, (more…)

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